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High Performance Computing Infrastructure Consortium
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GREETINGMessage from the president
HPCI Consortium president -Hiroshi Nakasima

In the General Assembly of HPCI Consortium held on May 24, 2016, I was elected as the President for next two years. As the President, I will do my best for the Consortium and HPC community in Japan, together with the member of the Board.
I have been personally involved in the Consortium since its establishment as a board member and then the auditor. This means I have been with the Consortium and its pre-establishment organization for almost six years to see its growth from the cradle. Therefore it is impressive for me to see that HPCI is working well with K-computer and other many supercomputers as the platform for a wide spectrum of HPC researches and the Consortium is also working well as the organization for the integration of community’s will. However, we have to remember that “working well” sometimes means that we are in a local optimum from which we hardly jump to the real optimum adapting the change of the environment surrounding us.